A Gentleman’s Promise

A Gentleman’s Promise

The year is 1810 and risk-averse Richard Lacey has inherited a title, a run-down estate and the attentions of a killer. To add to his problems the true title-holder, young Jamie Smythe and his beguiling bluestocking sister, Emma, turn up on his doorstep; they have braved the perils of Napoleon’s Europe to return home.

Exchanging stories of attempted murder, missing letters, and the mysterious death of a scandalous uncle, it is obvious that someone means mischief and lives are at risk.

A Gentleman’s Promise

Richard’s and Emma’s attraction for each other is immediate but unwanted. Richard sees Emma’s spirit and determination as a challenge; obsessed as he is with order and control, her apparent disregard for her own safety shatters his nerves.

Emma is wary of giving her heart; having tasted freedom she is reluctant to relinquish it. She must resist the trap of love.

Danger forces them to collaborate, but proximity brings temptation; drawn to each other despite being polar opposites and rivals for control, Richard and Emma endeavour to resist the pull of love whilst they try to catch a killer.

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