A Gentleman’s Promise

A Gentleman’s Promise

A docile wife is what he wants. A husband is the last thing she needs. Can a quest for a killer teach them they are both wrong?

The attempts on engineer Richard Lacey’s life began on the day he inherited a Viscountcy – coincidence, or are these events connected? He needs to find out. What he doesn’t need is to fall in love with the totally unsuitable woman who claims the title belongs to her brother. A perfectly docile wife is what he’s looking for.

Confirmed spinster, Emma Smythe returns home to find a stranger masquerading as the Viscount, when the title rightfully belongs to her brother. Even worse, someone is trying to murder whoever holds the title. Determined always to remain single, how can she unmask the would-be killer without losing her heart to a gentleman she’s not even sure she can trust?

Can this mismatched couple put aside their misgivings and work together to catch a killer ? If they can’t, more than hearts may be lost.

Suspicious deaths, missing heirs, and a race to unmask a villain, all combined with a heart-warming romance, make this fast-paced adventure with faultless period detail a must-read for lovers of classic Regency fiction.

A Gentleman’s Promise

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